Problem setting up MSM100

I am having great diffaculty get a Scene or Scenes to work properly using a HSM100. At this point I am just trying to get the HSM100 sensor to trigger a light to come on after a certain brightness level is reached, then go back to off after a certain amount of time. I can get it to come on, and go off ater the amount of off time (5 min.), but I can’t seem to have it stay off if the light level is above the set amount. I believe the light level has to be set through Vera, because if you adjust through the HSM100, it disables the sensor.
Also, I don’t know if the HSM100 can be set up to do more than 1 thing, if it can, My whole idea would be to have it turn on lights normally, and have a separate scenario to archive pictures from the IP camera, and have a light come on while doing it. Does this sound doable, and if so, do I need to set up a program in LUUP? If I do, then I will need to find someone to help me set up a LUUP program.