Problem: Light not going off in motion sensor driven scene

I have a scene that is triggered by an Everspring SP103-EU motion sensor.

Using a Vera 2 on UI4.

The scene triggers two wall switches: Front is Leviton RZS-15, back is a Leviton RZI-06.

Scene calls for both switches to be turned on for 10 minutes once triggered, then to go off.

Back works fine. Front comes on OK, but will not go off. Had same problem on UI2 before I upgraded a few days ago. Problem is still occuring.

Any ideas?


Kelly ???

Have you tried to edit the scene to test the two switches individually? If so, does the front work when it is the only device in the scene? You could also try swapping the location of the two switches and see if the problem follows the device. A little more testing may help us diagnose your situation better.


Also check out this thread:

It appears that the Scene controller may have an issue that the switch does not