Problem including devices without internet

Hello folks…

I am working in a home where internet not installed yet and I am observing some devices do not be inserted with properly control in vera. I.e. Blinds motors are installed like dimmer light not window covering, is it because I am without interrnet access in vera ? Can I correct the devices when internet access is possible ? Changing xml file is possible to change the behavior of the device with error ?

Thanks for help

Theoretically if the z-wave device is ‘supported’ by MCV then the required configuration information should be held on your Vera. (MCV used to promote it will work without Internet access)

Have you done a few reloads of Vera, I’ve seen Vera report one thing initially but after a few reloads it’s eventually returned the right device type.

If for some reason it has installed it incorrectly, I would exclude it and then re-include it again.

I would avoid playing with the XMLs if you can, I’ve heard of examples where that has helped (when the original Fibaros came out) but where possible if you know it is ‘supported’ then I would try to install it again and let Vera configure it.


one thing more: I am using 2 vera3 and 1 vera G (lite)…all with the same firmware,

can I use different veras in bridge mode ?

thanks in advance

Hi @Piwtorak

I’m afraid I’m not experienced in bridging, but I would think you could mix and match those units
But I will need to defer to others who have more knowledge/experience in this area.,14457.msg109259.html#msg109259