Problem Configuring Cooper Scene Controller

Hi - I am relatively new to zwave world…but… I am think I am doing the right thing and it is not working!

We just finished building a new house and made every switch a z wave (evolve). They are all working great.

We also have a number of Cooper Scene Controllers which I cannot get to work correctly. (

I think I have followed the instructions here:

The device is included. If I create a scene that turns on one light it seems to work correctly. If I then change the scene to turn on another light it - this light does not get turned on. if I reverse the order, I found that it seems that only the first light that I program works - the later lights do not.

I have tried two different scene controllers and got the same result.

I have Vera3. it does not seem to matter if I use the simple UI or UI_6.

Thanks for any help you can provide -

I would report a similar issue. I have existing scenes I am trying to trigger. What I find is that the controller is added to the Vera3. The scenes are listed in the controller’s configuration, (see screen shot). However, the controller does not seem to get the information. In fact, whenever there is a scene is set to be triggered, the Vera3 begins to register a “Can’t Detect Device” error; which I find odd, since I can heal the device no issue and with no triggers the device appears perfectly stable. I would love to get feedback from anyone else that has any insight into using these controllers with Vera3. I am running firmware 1.7.439.