Probelm installing NetAtmo station and Wind gauge on Vera UI7


I’ve got some issues to install Netatmo weather station on my VeraPlus with 1.7.2608. I use the wizard from the add device section.
It installs only interior and exterior sensors but not the wind sensor.

how can I do that ?

Thanks for your help


I’m having the same issue under firmware 1.7.3232, I have the rain gauge but not the wind one, is this issue related to vera or the plugin?

How can it be fixed?


There is another Netatmo plugin in the app store, which works with wind sensor.
The difference is that it reports every sensor as separate device so you have plenty of them.
The disadvantage of this solution is that it doesn’t separate stations if you have more than one (so you see all sensors for all stations you have) and occasionally drops and re-creates some sensors (which means their deviceID may change).