Price current time


I have a php file which through an API sends me information with a start time and a price
in this php I classify the 24 prices in ascending order and I send the information in a json file
I would like to retrieve the first 3 hour values ​​to start a scene at this moment
I can put the hour in the form I want but only the hour does not count the minutes and the duration is one hour from this value
how I could go to read and extract this information on the vera in lua or others
i saw dkjson but i’m drying a bit there.

file json
[{“prixH”:0.03341,“heure”:“04”,“date”:“15-03-2021 04:00:00”,“indice_I”:4},
{“prixH”:0.03503,“heure”:“03”,“date”:“15-03-2021 03:00:00”,“indice_I”:3},
{“prixH”:0.03728,“heure”:“02”,“date”:“15-03-2021 02:00:00”,“indice_I”:2},
{“prixH”:0.04027,“heure”:“15”,“date”:“15-03-2021 15:00:00”,“indice_I”:15},
{“prixH”:0.04092,“heure”:“05”,“date”:“15-03-2021 05:00:00”,“indice_I”:5},
{“prixH”:0.04104,“heure”:“01”,“date”:“15-03-2021 01:00:00”,“indice_I”:1},
{“prixH”:0.04317,“heure”:“14”,“date”:“15-03-2021 14:00:00”,“indice_I”:14},
{“prixH”:0.04378,“heure”:“16”,“date”:“15-03-2021 16:00:00”,“indice_I”:16},
{“prixH”:0.04624,“heure”:“13”,“date”:“15-03-2021 13:00:00”,“indice_I”:13},
{“prixH”:0.04673,“heure”:“00”,“date”:“15-03-2021 00:00:00”,“indice_I”:0},
{“prixH”:0.04847,“heure”:“12”,“date”:“15-03-2021 12:00:00”,“indice_I”:12},
{“prixH”:0.04894,“heure”:“23”,“date”:“15-03-2021 23:00:00”,“indice_I”:23},
{“prixH”:0.05042,“heure”:“11”,“date”:“15-03-2021 11:00:00”,“indice_I”:11},
{“prixH”:0.05076,“heure”:“22”,“date”:“15-03-2021 22:00:00”,“indice_I”:22},
{“prixH”:0.05104,“heure”:“17”,“date”:“15-03-2021 17:00:00”,“indice_I”:17},
{“prixH”:0.05505,“heure”:“10”,“date”:“15-03-2021 10:00:00”,“indice_I”:10},
{“prixH”:0.0556,“heure”:“06”,“date”:“15-03-2021 06:00:00”,“indice_I”:6},
{“prixH”:0.0559,“heure”:“21”,“date”:“15-03-2021 21:00:00”,“indice_I”:21},
{“prixH”:0.05993,“heure”:“20”,“date”:“15-03-2021 20:00:00”,“indice_I”:20},
{“prixH”:0.06155,“heure”:“09”,“date”:“15-03-2021 09:00:00”,“indice_I”:9},
{“prixH”:0.06197,“heure”:“18”,“date”:“15-03-2021 18:00:00”,“indice_I”:18},
{“prixH”:0.06247,“heure”:“07”,“date”:“15-03-2021 07:00:00”,“indice_I”:7},
{“prixH”:0.06489,“heure”:“08”,“date”:“15-03-2021 08:00:00”,“indice_I”:8},
{“prixH”:0.06782,“heure”:“19”,“date”:“15-03-2021 19:00:00”,“indice_I”:19}]

for the first line retrieve the time field 4 and start a scenario at 4 o’clock
2nd line recovers hour 3 and starts at 3 o’clock etc

my json file is created locally
http //

i have plugin sitesensor and sitesensor recovers the value of my json

on the other hand to launch a scene which for example turn off a device during the 6 most expensive prices and another with the instruction to turn on the devices during the cheapest 4 hours

with reactor I can create variables stored in the sitesensor plugin but I think it would be necessary for simplicity to find a way to display the value of the price in real time to compare with the 6th more expensive or the 3rd less expensive not ?

if you have solutions thank you because it is not easy


I made the program in php simpler so it’s good thank you