Prevent Schlage from automatically locking?

I just installed a Schlage lever lock and am having a problem. The lock automatically locks after a few minutes of not being used. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I have looked on this forum and the Schlage web page but came up empty handed.

I think it’s a built in security feature, don’t think you can override it.

If so, it is a really annoying one when you have people over for a pool party and the door keeps locking on them. Hopefully someone has a workaround?


It is supposed to auto re-lock when opened from outside with a PIN.

However, there are Lock and Unlock buttons on the inside. If you hit the Unlock button (or unlock with Vera) it should stay unlocked. Is that not working for you?

I will keeep tacking the lcok and see what happens. It is possible that my guests were pressing some of the buttons on the lock.

If it was initially unlocked from the outside- it will automatically re-lock itself, only pressing the “unlock” button from the inside will keep it in the unlocked state.

Thanks, it has been working for the past few days.

Or unlocking it from Vera.

The Kwikset has a dipswitch that sets whether or not the lock should automatically re-lock. Anything like that on the Schlage?

In 5-8 seconds after a valid pin code is entered the lock locks again so I have Vera send a unlock command in 10 or 15 seconds. Unchanged - after 10 seconds - unlock. Work every time. I have also experienced that the lock button seems to be accidentally pressed by the knuckle of people opening the door from the inside. I chalk this up to a design flaw in the lock layout.

Yep I’ve seen the same several times