Pre-Certification Door Lock

Just noticed my earlier purchased Schlage deadbolts report their model under the + expanded info as “Pre-Certification Door Lock”. The newest ones are reporting as “Certified Door Lock”.

I wonder if Schlage made any updates or changes to them? Anyone know?

I noticed the same thing on mine but never really put a whole lot of thought into it, that is interesting that they are reporting differently…

Both of mine are “Pre-Certification”. I purchased them in April 2009 and have had no problems with them.

My HRDS1’s (Door Window sensor) now show up as Pre-Certification Door locks. Seems like the model info was just blank before.

Same here with HRDS1 - been reporting “Pre-Certification Door Lock” for some time on several 9xx fimrwares…

strangely my Home Manageables HM-TS001 Temp/Humidity sensor also shows in device page as pre-certification door lock, seems to be a popular ID