Powermaster 10

Hey all experts!
I want to Control my Visonic powermaster 10 with Vera Plus. At least alarm on and off and trigger output when the alarm is going off to set some scenes with Vera.

Can someone guide me to exactly what plug-in to use and how to install as well as what cable to use, where to buy, how to connect Visonic with Vera (through cable or cable out to some sensor that connects to Vera?)

I have tried to read on threads for this but cannot figure it out. My PM 10 is probably about 6 years. I’m fine with not reading the sensors (even if this would be preferable).

Really hoping for some good guidance here :blush:

Thanks in advance!

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Option 1:
Program your Powermaster PGM-output and connect it to a Fibaro multisensor

Option 2:
Connect a TTL to USB adapter/cable to your Powermaster and install the Visonic Powermax plug-in (unmaintained) on your Vera.

Pictures on how to connect: Powerlink serial pinout, linux daemon and web interface - Home Automation Domotica Forum Europe, Bwired Forum

I recommend that you read the forum threads on the Powermax plugin: Topics tagged visonic_powermax

Thanks for a good and quick reply! So I guess I would get more functionality from the no 2 option, correct?
So the converter I need would be this? Köp USB to TTL Serial Cable - Debug / Console Cable (USB-TTL-RS232) för 99 Kr hos m.nu.

Maybe this is even better: TTL koppling för USB - StyraHem

Then I would plug the usb to a wifi stick which I would then connect with Vera? Like this? TP-Link TL-WN725N | NetOnNet
What WiFi device would you recommend?


Option 2 gives you access to Powermasters sensors (motion sensors can’t be used in disarmed mode since they don’t report status when disarmed).

I have had som trouble which my set up. Sometimes it causes communication error and has to be restarted. It has happened a few times a year so for me it’s working good enough.

Option 1 I think is the most reliable.

I’m using this

The cable is connected directly to Vera’s USB connector.

There’s some forum threads about connection through WiFi but I haven’t tried it my self.

Will order Vera Plus and the cable to try it out!
Are there different HW versions of Vera Plus? Does it matter where u order from?

Have u run the option 1? But with that setup u cannot arm home? Which I assume you can with the plug-in?

Tried to create a login on mios but seems u have to have a device to do that… is that so?


I haven’t tried option 1 myself since I’m using the PGM output to control my garage door opener from the Visonic remote.

You can read more about what the plugin (option 2) can do here: Visonic Powermax Alarm Panel

From the plugin you can arm/disarm the alarm. I haven’t implemented that my self due to security concerns.

Be aware that the Powermasters sensors cannot be used like the Powermax sensors. Powermasters motion sensors doesn’t report status when the alarm is disarmed. However door sensors report status in every alarm mode and can be used in Vera even when the alarm is disarmed.

Thanks! Ordered Vera and cable so now the fun begins! :smiley: