Power LED RED all other led's are ON GREEN - Please help!

I just purchased a vera 3 - had it shipped overnight and opened it up. Tried to configure the wifi settings so that it would not need a cable to my router but then it was only able to connect locally and had no internet access. To try to fix it I thought the easiest thing would be to start over so I selected the “reset network to defaults” option and the box restarted and then seems to have bricked.

I have a power LED in RED and all other LED’s are on green. It’s been sitting and nothing. Has power and the WAN connected to my router. I’m ready to pack it back up and return it and just bite the bullet and upgrade my HomeSeer system instead. I thought this would be an easy upgrade and less expensive option.

There doesn’t seem to be any technical support except for you guys here in the forum.

For technical support please use one of the options described here: [url=http://getvera.com/support/]http://getvera.com/support/[/url]