Potential Doorbell Solution-- is this ok to solder down?

I have a wireless doorbell and a Ecolink Door sensor. I want to combine them, so that when the doorbell rings it also trips the Ecolink sensor. The Ecolink sensor only needs dry contact to be tripped.

After pure trial and error, I have found the spots that trigger the Ecolink sensor when the doorbell rings. So it’s technically working-- but I want to make sure that my “trial and error” solution is good enough to solder down.

This is the wireless doorbell: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L9O542U/
Here’s a link to my setup: https://imgur.com/a/fQ3o5

The locations: I connect one Ecolink wire to one of the yellow speaker wires, and the other Ecolink wire to the positive end of the bit labeled “E1” (the big white arrow is basically pointing right at it).

Does it look right to you? Should I do something differently?

Thanks so much!

If it works, it works… :slight_smile:

I suspect that there would be somewhere on that board that goes ‘high’ whenever the remote bell is pressed, which might be better, as using the speaker and depending on how that doorbell works it might lead to multiple triggers whenever the chime sounds different notes. If it doesn’t, then I wouldn’t worry about it. If that does turn out to be an issue, and you can’t find an alternate contact, you could hook the sensor up to the doorbell button itself but likely that would look ugly.

Without a schematic, even a crude hand drawn one would be valuable, it is pretty much impossible to understand and know what effects your connections are going to have overall on the circuits.

There are many things to consider, loads, voltages, isolation… and I think the way you have it hooked up will load the circuit and eventually cause a premature failure.

Depends on that reed switch and if the circuitry is ground sensing or maybe open ground sensing…

To answer your question properly, one needs to see the schematic to make an educated reply.

I plan to put those tiny Z-Wave Aeotec Panic Button inside a door bell case and replace my current door bell. That way when it is pressed, vera knows and can play out a chime via a raspberry PI. I hope it works. i have done the playing out audio part. Just trying to find a case that can fit the panic button