Potential Bug w/ Disabled Conditions Evaluating True & Setting Light Status on Save/Reload

So, repurposed a smart switch used for Xmas Trees for a Bug Zapper. I have a reactor sensor for living room light/switch control. There is a condition with a few nested conditions. The parent has been disabled for some time, however, the last evaluation of a child was back in March and is still set to True. When I perform any changes to the sensor and it saves/reloads, the disabled child condition is still triggering the task on the past evaluated true and setting the light on (randomly when there is a reload perhaps). Disabling the entire sensor, I do not see this behavior when modifying and saving conditions.

So, I am thinking one of the following:

  • There needs to be logic that if there is an activity that is mapped to a disabled condition, that activity should not run when the condition is disabled, either itself or the parent.
  • Alternatively, I would also be happy to disable an activity (as long as I dont have to delete it!).

Activities are not started by disabled condition groups. That does not, however, stop an activity from being explicitly run by a “Run Group Activity” action in another activity somewhere, so check for that.

Well, that definitely clarifies how I thought this app/module was designed. Looks like resetting it and enabling/disabling managed to I think get it out of a funky state. I literally saw it say ‘true since March something something’ when the whole block was greyed out and disabled. That text has now disappeared and toggling the sensor does not show the same effect before as turning the switch on. Odd.

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