Possible to import data from web?

Hi guys - I receive an email each week giving me the oil tank level. Would like to parse this using zapier and then get the result into Vera or openLuup. A dummy device perhaps. Any way this might work? Using Altui/openLuup and have Historian running with grafana so would be good additional data to have.

I believe that you’ll find that the SiteSensor plugin by @rigpapa will do that all for you.

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If you just want to push a value from outside, no plugins are needed. Just create a device using the generic sensor and update the variable via http. I do this way for a custom app pushing its values to virtual humidity/temperature/level sensors.

If you want to read it from an http endpoint, @akbooer has the right answer for you.

Fantastic thank you. Do you maybe know of a good place to store the data online? Punching way above my weight here but thought i’d give it a try : ) Google drive maybe?

Yes, this is probably easier to access this way (if you remove the authentication from the document, I suppose), with SiteSensor pulling the value as @akbooer is suggesting.

Thanks! - got it reading an automatically updating file but no data coming through yet. Any idea how I should be formatting the saved data for a Text response?

Thanks guys - got it done

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