POPP Thermostat (new/modified Danfoss LC13): how to use it?

Using a Vera Edge and today I got the POPP Thermostat, which in fact is a Danfoss LC13, which can sent the current temperature.

Anyway, I am a bit stuck in how this thing works. Installation went fine. In UI7 I see 2 devices, one which gives the actual current temperature.
And the other is to control the POPP. I see 4 options: Off, Auto, Cool, Heat. See attachment.

I tried to set it to 28 degrees, I heard the motor and the flow in my heater. Then I set it to 16 degrees, but nothing happens.
I tried this via VeraEdge and via the buttons on the POPP. This, as far as I can remember, is when I selected the option Heat.
I then selected Off, and I heard the motor closing the valve.

What are the differences between these 4 options? And how/when to use them?
I just want the following: at 6 am, setpoint 22 degrees, at 7.30 am, 18 degrees.

Oh and the sepcs are talking about programming the POPP, 9 setpoints per day, what should work separate from the Vera Edge.
I really don’t know how this can be done.

What are the parameters of this device?

O btw. I found more options,

  • Fan Cycle, Fan on, Fan auto (auto is the default)
  • Energy, normal

See the screenshot. Where are these for?

I have the same question!
Did you figure it out?

If I look at the display on the popp it says 23.
When I look in the Vera Gui U17 the sensor reports 22.
But I have set it to 28degrees and auto (this setting had been set for days), nothing happens?!
How do I control the popp?

Here is how I set the temp, create a scene, select advanced editor, add action, select the trv (or what ever name you set), then add action

SetCurrentSetpoint, in the box enter temp required, add
When you run the scene setpoint is changed, note it is not instantaneous function, will wait time set in the wake up / poll

I have just installed the POPP, so thanks for the info, it add as Danfoss, but I was confused that didn’t report room temp, until I found your post, showing it creates a thermostat,

The Popp is equal with LC 13 :frowning:
That is means: only the “HEAT” and “OFF” panel working correct
Not working the fan, and normal/energy mode

I’ve installed 3 Popp Thermostats (POPE010101 manufactured by danfoss, production date 2016/6, installed 2017-3, veraEdge). My experience: Changing temperature setpoint (in heat mode) works. Switching to “off” works in vera but does’nt make any effect in Popp. Once the setpoint is correct at Popp, the temperature control works excellent. The feedback of the temperature sensor works.
Problem: The default wakeup intervall is 30 min. I’ve changed it in vera to 15 min, but the protocol shows the real zwave communication is still working with 30 min. So it takes up to 1 hour to change/synchronize the setpoint - and on occasion the transfer doesn’t work on the first try. Maybe because of the different wakeup intervalls in vera and Popp.

Any idea to really change the wakeup intervall in PoPP?

I have 2 danfoss LC 13 thermostat and my wakeup setting is : 300 sec (5 min) and it is working.
Trying to setting the wakeup interval lowest!
Or trying the next:

Good idea! I’ve set the wakeup interval to short 420 sec (7 min) and it communicates with 14 min (according to protocol). Strange but I can reach my aim.

Thank you!

Till today I was impatient with the wakeupRating which was about 2.5 and not 5 like the other devices.

Today per accident I learned it is neccessary to switch off polling (set poll intervall =0). Then the wakeupInterval works normal and the wakeupRating is normal.