Popp Flow Stop Gas/Water Shut-off Controller

Has anyone had a good or bad experience with the Popp flood sensor and shut-off actuator in-conjunction with the Vera Edge please?

Available in UK through Brands - Popp Smart Home Products in stock from Vesternet

I intend to have 2 sensors controlling the 1 valve.

Many thanks.

And if no one had any experience with the Popp, can anyone recommend other Z-wave water sensors and motorised shut-off valves please?

Yes, i’ve a Popp flow stop in use.

But it did not fit on my pipes and tap: my tap is not that closely aligned.

So I’ve mounted the Popp on its own 12 mm pipes and connectors (https://www.tech-specialist.com/nl/buis-rk-rose-krieger-rvs-buis-op-maat-1007377) and these are kept in place against the watering tap.

It is working nicely for my garden watering.

On aliexpress there are more flow stop devices, but they all seem to come from the same factory.
Anyhow, i’m still waiting for a flow stop which will close when there is power failure.

Instead you could use a 230 volt battery, but then the vera has also to be connected to that device.

Many thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

Actually, on a payment-bill I saw I’ve used 15 mm pipes.