Pool control


I hope somebody can help me setup my Vera2 to control my pool in the winter.
I have a salt water pool and I want to run the pump 3 hours a day (2 hours before sunset until 1 hour after sunset). I figured out how to do that part with standard scenes. I created a scene that turns on the pump and turns it off after 1 hour. I created schedules that run the scene 2 hours before sunset, 1 hour before sunset and at sunset.

Now, I also want to make sure that pump is turned on if the outside temperature is below 32F. I have a temperature sensor and I can trigger a scene that turns the pump on but how I make sure that the other scene doesn’t turn the pump off?

Any ideas or a better way to do that?


I would consider using a virtual switch to signal whether the pump is run via time or via the temperature.

Obvious question: Have you checked out Condititional Scene execution:


And have you looked at PLEG?