Pool control with Fibaro Smart Implant

If ok we can check with your credentials/support credentials to see if there is a problem

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You can take a look with my credentials.

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It seems like only the MeshBots with temperature < 20°C are affected. Pool temperature is now between 20 and 25°C and the corresponding MeshBots are turning on the pump.

I was skimming through the logs, but to be honest, it’s really hard to find anything at all without a timestamp at which the meshbots run. Please let us know specific times at which they run, or were supposed to run so we can filter through the logs. I know the triggers here are temperature readings and not specific times, but having that information gives us the best odds of finding the culprit. Thank you.

The affected MeshBots run at 7:00 am and 3:00 pm (German time). Another trigger is the temperature. In this case it must be less than 20°C. However, the last few days the temperature was above 20°C and then the corresponding MeshBots ran with the trigger “Between 20°C and 25°C”.

I also just created a test MeshBot that simply sends me a notification at a specific time when the temperature is below a specific temperature. This has worked successfully. The trigger combination “Time AND Temperature < x°C” seems to work in general.

But what does not work reproducibly (maybe I have a mistake in thinking) is that my notifications when switching on and off do not work as I expect. For example:

When the “Solarpumpe” is switched on I should get the notification “Solarpumpe On”. I’ve created another Bot with Value = False and the notification “Solarpumpe Off”.

When the device is switched on I get both notifications “Solarpumpe On” AND “Solarpumpe Off” at the same time. When the device is switched off I don’t get any notification. I try to isolate the problem with things like that and see if all MeshBots are running correctly.

The function that Vera used to have, which shows when the MeshBots last ran, would also be useful.

Hi @Odysee , so I assume that the first problem of the meshbot not running when the temp < 20 is solved ?
and can we confirm now you have two problems ?

  • Notifications not sent when the comparison value is OFF, and sent both when the comparison value is ON
  • Want to display the last Meshbot ran time. (Can be done in Meshbot listing page ?)
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That’s right. I can no longer reproduce the first problem at the moment. The problem with the notifications is reproducible. The “last run” feature in the MeshBots would be helpful to isolate problems.

I adjusted the MeshBots a bit. Instead of “after” I chose “at a time of the day” because the MeshBot kept starting up with “after”. I also added a notification to check whether the right MeshBot is running at the right time (it will be removed again when everything is verified).


When creating the notifications, I had an idea for a feature that could be added:
How about adding things like Expressions to the text?

Hi @Odysee glad you figured out a solution, But the meshbot with “after” option should run only once , can u isolate the situation where it runs more than once ?
Also can you give more detail on your feature suggestion about adding expressions to the text ? Is it notification text? do you mean the result of the expression ?

Some days ago the pool pump turned on/of almost every hour. For example at 2022/06/17 11:55 pm I got the message that the pool pump turned on (later I expanded the MeshBots with the text of the MeshBots name). No one was in the garden at this time and at the moment I’m the only one that can turn it on/off from the app.

When I have time I can configure some MeshBots to see if I can reproduce this behavior.

The feature suggestion with the expression in the notifications could look like this:

Pool pump turned on.
The pools temperature is %pool_temp% °C
The solar heating temperature is %solar_temp% °C

So you can place a current variable/expression/value of a device in the text.

The following scene turned on the pool pump but I didn’t receive a notification. Maybe you want to look at the log files (2022/06/23 3:00 pm German time).

Hi @Odysee

Thank you, I’ll take a look.

I have another error here regarding the notifications. Two notifications should arrive. First, I have a MeshBot that turns on the pump at 7:00 AM, which also sends a notification that it’s running. I received this message this morning. But I also have another MeshBot that just informs when the pump has been switched on:

I did not receive this message. Can it be that the error occurs when two notifications are triggered at the same time, only one of them gets through?

Time of error: 2022/06/24 7:00 AM German time

Hi @Odysee ,

I’ll send you an email with some log information about the notification events at 3 PM on 23/06/2022.


Is this feature already rolled out? Can we create a single MeshBot for the different temperature value cases?

I could imagine the following:

  • At 7:00 am
    • turn on pool pump
      • If pool temperature < 20°C then turn pool pump off after 2 hours
      • If pool temperature between 20°C and 25°C then turn pool pump off after 2.5 hours
      • If pool temperature between 25°C and 30°C then turn pool pump off after 3 hours
      • If pool temperature between > 30°C then turn pool pump off after 3.5 hours

Maybe it can still be built in such a way that two conditions do not apply at the same time. I think I had the case some time ago that the pool temperature was exactly 25,00°C so that two scenes ran at the same time and the pool pump didn’t turn off at all (even if I can’t explain it logically).

I think it should look like this:

  • If temperature < 20°C then …
  • If temperature is >= 20°C and < 25°C then…
  • If temperature is >= 25°C and < 30°C then…
  • If temperature is >= 30°C then…

Hi @Odysee Yes the exceptions feature is already alive. You can check this

You can create a separate exception for each of the actions you want to execute.
After your login problem is solved you should try and please let us know your feedback .

I’m not able to add another exception to a second action:

Hi @Odysee ,

We were able to replicate this issue. It seems to be affecting only device-related exceptions to the second action (it’s not happening if the first action doesn’t have an exception).

I already escalated this situation.

Thank you for the report! We really appreciate it.

I made another observation that I can’t explain:

Yesterday the control of the solar pump did not work as it should. I programmed it so that the pump starts when the solar water temperature is more than 3°C higher than the pool water temperature and switches off again when the difference is less than 2°C.

The solar water temperature rose to 50°C and the pump did not switch on. So I started it manually. Later in the evening the solar water temperature was lower than the pool water temperature and the pump kept running. So I manually turned it off again.

Today it seems to be working correctly again, but reliability is different. Also the whole thing no longer seems to regulate correctly once you have switched it on or off manually. So e.g. B. as follows:

If A > B then turn on C.

A = 3; B =1 → C is on

Now if you turn off C manually, it stays off, even though A is still larger than B. I would now expect that it shouldn’t be possible to turn off C manually when it’s controlled by a MeshBot.

Any news on this? Just now I had this phenomenon again that the solarwater pump didn’t turn on even if the solarwater temperature was much higher than the poolwater temperature:


Unfortunately I have no way of investigating this further. It would be helpful if there would be some kind of “last run” time in the MeshBot Automation menu. Then I could see if this happens because the scene didn’t run (a kind of simple logfile accessible via the web frontend would also help to see, when which scene run, which switch is switched or which sensor is tripped).

Either the MeshBot was not started, the command was not sent or the command was sent but did not arrive/was not executed. Unfortunately, it is difficult to pinpoint that as an end user.

In the other case, when the status has been changed manually and the triggers no longer work, there must be a solution.