Poly Lock Poly-Combo?

Has anyone bought a Poly Lock kit described as a Poly-Combo?

I assumed that this was the Poly Lock and the Poly Pad, but I seem to have been sent a Poly Lock which has a hole in the back for a ribbon cable and my “Poly Pad” is nothing more than a keypad with some sticky tape on it and a ribbon cable. The idea being the keypad connects direct to the lock instead of using Z-Wave.

Needless to say I am really annoyed given I bought two and both are like this.

I’ve had really poor service too, but I will give the vendor chance to respond before I vent my frustration on here.

Answering my own question. The Poly Combo is a Poly Lock and a wired keypad.

This is not clearly displayed on Poly Control’s website or many websites you buy them from and many of the sites show a photo of the Poly Lock and Poly Pad which is highly misleading!

Smarthome.fi has it listed properly so hats off to them. I’ve just ordered a Poly Pad from them and their service is first class, quick shipping.

BTW a combination of both wireless lock and pad is called Poly-Kit and the one with wired keypad is called Poly-Combo. It is quite confusing, although I new they both exist I recently ordered a combo instead of a kit just by messing up with names.