Poly-lock and Z-wave version


Does anyone know answer that is Poly-lock working with Z-wave 3.20 version on vera lite? I noticed from poly-lock troubleshooting document on their site that I should use version 2.78? Does anyone have experiences about this?

www. poly-control.com/media/1159/Troubleshooting.pdf

Also lock is not listed on
wiki. micasaverde.com/index.php/Supported_Hardware

I am using the poly lock with Z-wave version 3.20 and I don’t have any problems using it

I am experiencing a tremendous number of problems since installing this one week ago. I could use some assistance and feedback.
I have a simple generic kwikset keyed lock from Home Depot. I installed the polylock along with the adapter extender for the protruding plastic piece.

  1. The first thing I’ve noticed is how difficult it is to turn the lock with a key; to the point of nearly breaking/bending the key. Could it be binding?
  2. Blue tooth hangs on a Galaxy Note 2 during connection to polylock with the latest downloaded Android 4.3 OS available [supports Bluetooth LE]
  3. Several different documents are floating around for the polylock/danalock. Some suggest conflicting information around settings -such as:
    1 byte hex instead vs 1 byte dec
    Userguide-Bluetooth-Smart-and-Z-Wave vs Userguide Poly-lock and Poly-Pad

it’s unclear how long the lock time should be set for for a typical lock
The grinding noises this thing makes are horrible and the lock doesn’t seem to properly engage the deadbolt anymore -perhaps torque variable needs to change.

It’s be nice to see some postings of the available ranges and what seems to work:

For example:
Configuration settings
Variable Data Size Desired Value Current Value {explanation}
0 1 byte dec 1 0 direction mech turns [clockwise/counter clockwise] for vera[0/1]
1 1 byte dec 10 0 time [in sec] motor runs in unlock [1-15] sec
2 1 byte dec 10 2 time [in sec] motor runs in lock mode [1-15] sec
3 1 byte dec 1 1 torque setting [1-max/2-avg/3-min]
4 for magnetic strike locks only
Other problems include:
Lock doesn’t seem to know if it’s locked or unlocked in reporting to Vera.
It’s inconsistent in saving above settings to Vera in device options configuration settings
It changed some settings, but on UI% says “Failed at: Setting user configuration”

I will keep playing with settings, but this is very frustrating -particularly the binding in the key mechanism.