Polling node


wanted to know if there is a reason to pull node from window/door sensor, can i change it to 0 (never pull)? or there is a reason that vera need to pull the nude from devices that dont give any info (like temp) because sometimes when vera trying to pull the nude from battery powered devices and cant, it just take every command few seconds to execute


As usual, I don’t recommend changing polling intervals from default, unless there is a very specific need to. Vera polls battery operated devices to verify their presence, determine battery status, and likely other details.

Vera isn’t entirely stupid and is aware that battery operated devices sleep. Vera usually only polls battery devices when the wake up, so you should not have any slowdowns due to Vera waiting on a poll form a battery operated device.

If you are sure that this is indeed the problem that you are having, that Vera is polling a sleeping device, then something is wrong. I would suggest first excluding and then including the device, to reset it to defaults. Then give it a day and see if Vera still polls it while it is asleep or if Vera only polls it when it wakes up.

Having said all that, I would expect a door sensor to work fine even when not polled. You can turn off the polling of the device by changing the polling interval on the settings tab to 0 (never poll).