Polling failing

Since last 2 firmware upgrades (426 and 456) I’m seeing some of my nodes (Leviton In-wall switch and Sylvania Dimmer Plug-in) failing to be polled. But they are being controlled just fine - i.e. Vera can turn them On and Off. I always see one of these error messages:

Failed with TXStatus: 1

Node never responded

Has anybody else ever seen something similar?

Yep, I don’t get a error, but Hawking’s HRAM1 plugin module appears always On on Vera, even when it is Off. Very confusing. Re-poll, or re-configure doesn’t help. It worked OK before FW upgrade.

325xi, can you contact our IM or phone support, and let us look at your logs when it’s polling the Hawking module? This shouldn’t happen. We test with the Hawking modules and don’t have a problem.

It seems to be caused by http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=453.0