Polling Devices

Looking for some direction. Using a Vera 2 with 1047 firmware and i have noticed that it takes a long time (and sometimes never) for the devices to be polled so that Vera knows their current status.
I have folled with the polling options but nothing seems to make a difference.

I can manually initialte a poll and immediately see the results in the Vera dashboard.

I must be missing something and any guidance would be appreciated.



I think the polling logic may be a bit broken, I know it happens automatically as I can see the devices being polled; however it looks like the dashboard doesn’t update for one reason another. Some of my devices only seem to update (if they are out of sync) when polled manually also.

for sure there are problems with the dashboard updating in UI4, I can reproduce some instances of it and I have noticed that this is more pronounced when I am logged in on the local network than remote login, I wish we had a choice to not use the local network for this reason, would be nice to have some guidance on the pros and cons of various polling settings, they have a big impact as I have sensors that dont work at all on the default settings

I have gotten into the habit of doing a screen refresh on the dashboard (two circular arrows where the ‘save’ otherwise appears). I use HomeBuddy on my Android phone and sometimes I catch a mis-match between the two. Refreshing both devices when this happens has consistently resulted in the dashboard being behind in status updates. The refresh has always brought them back in sync and in agreement with the physical status of my devices.

“A man with two watches never knows what time it is.”

I’m afraid this is not just an UI/dashboard out of sync problem.

It seems the vera engine itself is not polling and is not aware of the current status of the devices.

I can repro this consistently as follows: I have an ACT switch with a group 2 that has other devices associated with it.

If I double tap that switch it turns all the associated devices on. Vera never figures this out. It keeps the status of the associated devices as before and they don’t change until I manually poll them, or after a very long time.

It seems to me that Vera should:

  • associate itself with group 2 as well (I think it does this but I can’t actually be sure. I just know that if I use 5 devices in the association, I get an error from the configure, whereas if I use 4, it works, so Vera seems to want to be the 5th device)
  • when Vera gets triggered from the double tap, it should poll all the other nodes in the association (not the ACT switch itself)

I’m trying to figure out how to do this in luup code, but I can’t find an explicit POLL operation. I expected that a luup. How do I call_action the Getoperation to poll a node?