Plunger vs Magnetic door contacts

I’m looking at setting up a DSC alarm system in my home to integrate with my vera. I’ve picked up the following items already:


I’m now trying to figure out which wireless door contacts would work best with my current setup. The plunger or magnetic door contact. From what I’ve seen the plunger only requires you to drill one hole vs magnetic contact that requires two holes and pretty precise match for them to work properly. I’d like to try the plunger, but I’m wondering if the plunger going in and out would wear out the device and make it defective over a shorter period of time than a magnetic contact that has no moving parts?

Perhaps there are other options out there as well that I haven’t seen? I’d appreciate any suggestions… Thx!

I have the Ion plunger door sensors and like them a lot. They are hidden and work well. I will be adding the window versions in the near future.

  • Garrett


Thx for the feedback. I’m going to order a couple of them and install them on my door and see how they work for me!

I’ve got both magnetic and plunger, and I would say it depends on the application being used.

For example, my bathroom door is cheap and hollow, which meant I couldn’t secure a recessed magnetic sensor. So going for the plunger in the frame was the best bet!

On all my other windows and doors I’ve got magnetic recessed so they are virtually invisible once painted over.

It’s different for every door and window. There are many factors when deciding where to contact a door like direction of swing if the door swings out into the unsecured area then a recessed contact can be easily found and defeated or if there’s a light switch near by you might run into wires when you drill also the gaps in the door and how well the door works over all you don’t want to contact the door in a place it sticks or rubs but you don’t want the reveal to be to large or it might false generally I find that plunger contacts just under the bottom hinge on residential doors is the most reliable way to go if not a press fit magnetic contact in the top almost in line with the door knob still gives fast response and leaves room for adjustment of the magnet so if it needs to stick out a bit for better contact no one sees it on the top also it’s rare to find wires above a door