Plugin version 2.00

Attached is the latest version of the plugin. The most significant change is to operation of Somfy devices. I’ve installed some Somfy blind motors so I now can test the plugin controlling them. Still no way for me to test awnings or roller shades. So there may still be issues with controlling those devices. The attached ZIP file contains all the plugin files. For this update you should only need to upload the following files to the Vera hub:

KNOWN ISSUE: If you attempt to create scenes to trigger operation of Somfy devices you’ll find that the “up” button is automatically selected and selecting other buttons does not deselect any button. I’ve been unable to correct this issue. I believe it has to do with creating my own UI controls for Vera “standard or default” devices. I’ve requested assistance with this problem but perhaps there is no simple solution.
Instead of selecting the Somfy device (or any blind or window cover device) just create a bit of lua code to control the device. An example:

luup.call_action(“urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WindowCovering1”, “Up”, {}, your_device_number)

Use commands Up, Down or Stop. Be sure to enter the device number. (144.0 KB)


excellent work and contribution to community @tinman !

and here is an updated version of L_RFXtrx.lua with my corrections to the max/min temp and humidity handling.
1 - allow for lower temp than -20 (that’s not even cold :-))
2 - if the maxMinString value does not hold 24 value pairs - create a new table using a predefined set of value pairs. this will handle the case where a reset in the gui seems to put the string undefined into the maxmin variable (45.5 KB)

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