Plugin Update version 1.97 - Updated!

Hi @tinman Thanks for the update, but does this fix the Somfy issue as 1.96 broke this for my Somfy and Brel screens. I had to reinstall 1.87 to let it work again.

There are no changes to the Somfy portions of the code.

So I have to stick to 1.87 as the newer versions don’t work with me?

I’ve not received any other messages about issues with Somfy. As I’ve stated before I don’t have any Somfy devices to use for testing. They’re difficult to purchase here in the states - at least any product I could actually use - and they’re too expensive to purchase if I can’t use them.

Well for me, not only Somfy, also my Brel sunscreens didn’t work anymore after 1.87. As said, they only close a little bit. So if you didn’t change things back to as it was with 1.87, upgrading will brake it again.

Have you read the notes posted along with the version 1.94 release here: Plugin update version 1.94
There are some important things to note about window coverings variables.

To be honest, sorry I didn’t. Now I did.

Going to try 1.94, this also could be important information to you. If it doesn’t work, I just reinstall 1.87 over 1.94?


I’m not sure of all the implications of installing older versions over new ones. It may be OK but it’s difficult to be sure about it.

Good Afternoon tinman,
I upgraded today my RFXtrx to the proxl1 1047 firmware and upgraded the plugin to your Version 1.97. The help in the plugin shows both 1.97 and 1047. I am using the RFXtrx to control shutter motors from Doya (Blinds T0 RFXtrx433 at 433.92 MHz) and they worked perfectly with version 1.87. With the new version I have an issue in the GUI of the Vera controller (still Firmware 1.7.5186 (7.31)). You can press any button, but it looks like no code is send to the motors. In the GUI a change from open to close is shown, but the shutter does nothing.
The strange thing is, that if I use the iphone app and close/stop/open the shutter, it still works perfect.
Any idea, what is wrong in the gui of the Vera?
Thanks in advance

PS: I downgraded to Version 1.94 and the buttons in the GUI are working again. Must be something between 1.94 and 1.97. In 1.97 there were also some kickups wth the same parameter on stopping somewhere in the middle during closing and opening in 1.97.

The information I have actually uses the name Dooya (AKA Yooda) and the User Guide specifies the T6 protocol. Anyway, can you tell me what the altid for your device is? Go to the Advanced page for the device and look at the Params tab. It should start with “WC/B6/”

The altid is “WC/B6/0000000/09”
Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-14 um 15.53.46
Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-14 um 15.00.43

The protocol settings are important for receiving messages. When transmitting the correct protocol will be used for the device regardless of receiving protocol settings.

yes you are right! They are set correctly at “T6 DC106,RMF,Yooda,Dooya,ESMO,Brel”. And they were working up to 1.94.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-14 um 16.32.31
The only Difference is, that in the RFXmanager you can start with 0000000 und in your gui with 0000001, which i corrected in the advance section id.

So the problem is with the ID setting? Your device is ID 0 but you couldn’t set ID 0 in the Vera/RFXtrx GUI?

Hi Tinman,
for a while I was fighting with the Unit 0=ALL. I got it working with a change in the Settings Tab Automatik configure from use default behaviour to yes. all others 1-14 run on default behavior.
What is the Difference?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-14 um 16.59.01

No, thats a side problem, which I can work around. My problem is that in Version 1.97 the sliders and buttons in the Vera Gui are not working, but from the iphone app the shutters are moving up to a certain point, regardsless what you put in the variable MaxMoveTime (10,20 or whatever seconds).

The automatic configure setting has no effect for devices controlled via the RFXtrx transceiver.
Again, what is the altid of your shutter motor device?

The altid is “WC/B6/0000000/09”

I just posted an update to the plugin. I suggest you try it out.
Also, what iPhone app are you referring to? Is it from Ezlo/Vera? I only have an Android phone.

@tinman: I will do so in a minute. The iphone app is the Veramobile App. Many thanks for your ongoing work to make the implementation better.