Plugin: Solar Meter, universal Solar Production meter

No, sorry. Still lacking time to spend.

Cheers Rene

Great app, thanks so much!
I have SE6000A currently but will soon switch to SE7600H-US. My utility is making me export limit my system in order to keep my NEM which was set at 6 kW. I understand that I will have to install an electric meter with CT on line connecting inverter to meter. The electric meter will be connected to my inverter, which will be programmed to limit exports to 6 kW.
Rather than have the inverter clip at 6 kW, I would prefer to ramp up my self consumption whenever my export value is >= 5.9 kW. Can your solar meter app be modified to collect the export power into a variable that I can then read and act upon with a programmed logic event or scene to turn on my AC and HW? Super heating my HW and super cooling my home would be preferable to clipping my solar production. If not is there any other app that you are aware of that stores the exported power value that can be queried?

Hi aecchalet,

It is a quite specific application and maybe you can make your own API call to get the values you need. For me it is a guessing game as I do not have the same converter.

Look at Page 24 talks about the Site Power Flow. If you enter that with the system ID and API key for you system you can look at the reply if that is what you need. You can then look at the SiteSensor plugin,50440.0.html. I think that can be configured to do what you are looking for.

Cheers Rene


Just published version 1.8. No new inverters added but some fixes for the calculated totals, and added a yearly total.

Cheers Rene

Hi there,

I am quite new to the VERA, but having a lot of fun adapting it to the LEVITON.
(I use it to control Z_Wave lights)

Then I found your app and was very excited as I just got solar installed.
It seems though my inverter is not on your list of supported inverters.

What information would you require to get it onto the list of supported inverters?

Here is what I have to hand.

Manufacturer: Growatt
Model: Growatt 5500MTL-S
Firmware: AH1.0/ahba1615
(i can supply login and password for testing etc)


Hi Chris,

For their web site they do not seem to have an API or any other documentation, so it will be quite difficult an unreliable to build something. If they would change anything it would brake the plugin.

I do see they have some local LAN options as well. For example the WebBox. Do you have some thing local like that? In the mnual that shows a ‘Record’ page do you have that too? If so that could be a better option. If you get me the HTML code of that page (send me a pm for email to send it to) I may be able to get something.

Cheers Rene

Rene, do you have any time to integrate Afore inverter? As I mentioned some time ago, I can be a beta tester if needed

Hi kwieto,

It is also on the to-do list yes, but finding time is still an issue. I will contact you when it is ready for testing.

Cheers Rene

Hi Rene,

I have emailed Growatt inquiring about the API but no response yet, I will keep pushing to see what i can get.

PS thanks for the APP!

Hi Rene. I am just installing a SoFar solar PV system with 5kWh battery. It sends the data to Solarman to log and display the power figures. Any plan to add Solarman to the plugin, or anything I can do to help add/test it?


Hi Octo,

At this moment I do not have the time to work on this. Probably winter time before I have time again.

Cheers Rene

The app works well with my Fronius inverter. One this i noticed is the app only shows power generated. I currently have a fronius smart meter installed and was hoping the consumption can also be shown in the app?

Rene - and Solarman users…
I have got some code running to read my key Solarman parameters from the web portal via a screen scrape. (I could not get the Solarman push API to work due to lack of documentation or examples). I have now put my code into the SolarMeter framework and it seems to be working.

If anyone is interested, I can post the changed files here for further testing.

I don’t know about the Fronius data structure, but I have just decoded the Solarman data which has a lot of other parameters (consumption, battery and grid power, State of charge, temperatures etc), and have added those as variables to the app. This means I can display the values in my AltUI master panel, and use them to control power dumping, e.g. to my immersion heater.
I would like to display some of these parameters on the app overview in Devices, but I think going forward that would break the app, or at least change the appearance, for other users, so I have not done that.
So in theory at least - yes you can display other parameters. If you can post what the Fronius json data structure name is for the consumption, I can try adding it to my version for you to test.

thanks for your reply.

To bypass the data i need eg, export data, ive added a relay to the fronius inverter which allows me to adjust the relay commands eg when export is over 2kw, switch the relay on.

Ive added an enerwave zwave relay to this relay and another to my hot water heaters, so i can turn the heaters on manually, or let the fronius relay turn them on when i export more then 2kw.

ive found the attatched which may help?42,0410,2012.pdf (848.9 KB)

I too looked at putting in a solid state relay, and tapping off the current transformer to work out how much I am exporting. Problem on my system would be trying to work out the power flow direction, and as I now have it in software I can make the algorithm a bit more complex, and can display the various values as gauges, showing performance at a glance.

Downside with doing it in software is that there may be a delay before turning off the heater. My system updates every 5 min, so could be up to 10 min delay before the load was detected. I have put slight mod in the Solarmeter interval calculator, so it now runs 5s after the system update which minimises the delay.

I also added a 240-110V transformer, so that I could retain the immersion heater, but only need 750W spare, rather than 3kW.

I have had a quick look at the Fronius data spec; looks like the P_Load parameter from the GetPowerFlowRealtimeData request is the value you are after? Are you also after the P_Grid and P_Akku (battery) values?

I think this is stable enough to post here now…
I have added a Solarman device type, in the json file, and some extra code to retrieve the data from the web pages in the .lua file. I did not want to fork off in Github, so will post the files here.
I have also added a bit of code in the Fronius section to try and retrieve the house consumption and battery status as per Dirko’s request. I don’t have Fronius, so it is offered without any testing.
I have tried to extend the Notifications to trigger on Battery SoC, but cannot make that work. however, I have also reverted to the original and that does not work for me either… Is this a known issue?
Finally, the Solarman code works by sending a request to the portal, with Device ID and User password token embedded in the URL. To get this URL (and a second on for advanced data such as invertor temperature), you ‘simply’ have to log in to the portal, and copy the URLs. Step by step instructions for Chrome are below, hope these make sense, but any queries / suggestions please let me know.

Thanks to David H for advice on extracting the URLs

– as the Solarman open API is not well documented and there are no examples or support,
– this is a workaround pulling the data direct from the portal page (screen scrape).
– It uses two URLs, to get these is a one-off process. You first have to log into the Solarman portal, I used Chrome, other browsers may do this differently…
– Press F12 to open the developer tab
– Press the Network tab and F5 or ctrl + R to refresh the page
– You should have a list of components, select showPlantDetailAjax.json
– right click on this - and select “copy as cURL for Bash”
– Paste this into the first config box on Solar Meter.
– To get the second URL:
– Select the Details Tab and then the Logger. On the Dev Network tab copy the ‘goDetailAjax’ URL
– Paste this into the second config box.

SolarMeter (10.9 KB)

Thanks Octoplayer,

I will have a look at integrating this in the main plugin.

Cheers Rene

Thank you Rene
Happy to help test it.
Also not sure if the CURL command and pipe to a file I used to retrieve the data could be replaced with the wget structure you use.
And any hints on the notification section gratefully received, I have tried various formats but cannot get the drop-down to work.

Hi Octo,
This sounds great so have tried installing but i cannot see an option in the app for Solarman, i download the folder and uploaded the two files to my vera but i’m a little lost after that.
Looking forward to trying it, i must be missing something obvious…

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