Plugin Publishing

As a developer that has never had a UI5 account, is there a way for me to publish my plugins that are targeted to UI7? Sadly, my login does not work on For folks like me is the only option to publish it in the forum?


You should be able to create a UI5 type account here [url=][/url]

Cheers Rene

I tried to create an account here and it wouldn’t let me saying the e-mail account is already used. It also won’t let me log in using my UI7 account. Am I at the call MCV point yet or is there something else I can try.

you can reuse your UI7 login, but you have to choose another password.

Yeah I tried that and came up with Email already registered. Do I need more than one e-mail account to have a UI5 and 7 account.

I first had a UI5 account before UI7 and then you can use the same email address. Maybe that is not so the other way around ???

Cheers Rene

Thanks for the help. I remember now that my Vera3 originally came with UI5 on it. I simply reset the password hoping that it wouldn’t kill my UI7 account and it worked.