Plugin not in MCV store?

I’m on version 2.2, it did not automatically upgrade. I just searched for it in the store, and it’s not there at all.

I just looked it’s there.

Not showing up for me. Is that because it’s already installed?

I have auto-update set, and it’s still on version 2.2. If I remove version 2.2 and install with the latest, it’s going to change the device ID right?

You can upgrade with:


That worked!

Also, can you provide a checkbox to disable the Vera Startup message? My wife gets very angry with me when I don’t edit the code to remove it and it speaks like 2 or 3 times at 2am when Vera restarts for some unknown reason.

There already is …
Settings … Internal Alerts … Uncheck … Check … Uncheck … Than save.

Sweet, I saw that, but it was unchecked already so I figured it wasn’t what I was looking for. I toggled it and that seems to have worked.