Plugin installation FAILED

Like a dumbass, i decided to delete my vera skill from the alexa app so that i could rename some of my devices. i told it to forget all devices and groups, then i disabled the skill. i clicked on the link in the forum to enable the skill and it takes me to the vera/alexa page where i can name my devices. when i click finish, it spins for about 30 seconds and then comes back as failed. Anyone got any ideas?

You can try to include a few devices at a time. When I tried to include all of my devices at all, I also got a failed message.

Thing is that i am only importing some lights and some scenes…

well, today it worked… did nothing different… must have been something on the remote end.

I’ve had that before. I’ve just tried a few times and eventually it works.

I second that. It some times takes 3 to 4 retries for it to come back succesfully.