plugin for Honeywell Lyric

Has anyone developed a plugin or got The Lyric integrated with the Vera ? For some strange reason I could not find any information on this.

anybody anything ?



If the device can be controlled via Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort, then check out Joeyd’s plugin. Link provided above.

Much thanks

Unfortunately, as fantastic as the Total Connect Comfort app is, the Lyric does not work with this service - of course!

If you check the Honeywell website they state that there is no API currently available, although you can sign up to be notified when (if) one is released.

For now, I am using Tasker on my Android phone, along with AutoInput to automate my climate control.

The API is finally available!

I am no software developer so I can’t help create the Vera plugin for this, but I am hoping someone else on here can! I would actually be willing to supply a Lyric Thermostat to someone to develop the plugin if that is appealing to anyone…if so, send me a private message.