Plugin Docs

I suppose Docs - represents a wiki for ezlo plugin development. I’m really just getting started in the creation of what will be a fairly large plugin. In looking at the documentation and some example plugins I already see things that don’t appear anywhere in the documentation. For example, the meta section in the config.json file for the ezlo.wifi_device_generator plugin contains ‘type’ and ‘placement’ (and its values). I don’t think these show up anywhere in the documentation. The learning curve for Vera plugin was pretty steep - at least in part because the information in the wiki was often incomplete or just wrong. I worked in a development environment for many years and I know that documentation feels like dog work. But if you expect the user community to create well written plugins, complete and accurate documentation needs to be available.
I hope this post will be seen as a gentile nudge in the right direction.

Hi @tinman we are more than happy to get your feedback on the plugin platform. For now, we have only 1 type so “type” field actually is not so trivial. And “placement” field needs more explanation. But it is also not trivial.
I would suggest creating a simple plugin first and then let us know while you are trying to achieve desired flow.
What exactly you will be trying to build ? and how else can we help ?

I’m going to try to create a plugin for the RFXtrx transceiver. I maintain the one for the Vera hub.This plugin will have to create devices selected by users. It handles all communication to and from 433Mhz devices. So it decodes messages coming in and creates messages to be transmitted. It also maintains many device variables. My own transceiver connects to 40 devices. Most of them are sensors of one type or another but I also have some Somfy blinds connected. I’m trying to decide whether to use most of the Lua code I already have or start from scratch. I picked up the original code when the original developer abandoned it in 2016.


ok @tinman so please let us know how it goes while building.