Plugin development & PL??

Is there something I need to pay attention to / do in order to minimize pain/ensure compatibility with the PL?? plugins?

They should all be the same version!

Sorry, I just realized how easy it was to misunderstand what I tried to ask!

I was wondering, when developing a (different) plugin, is there something I need to do in order to ensure compatibility with the PL?? plugins. Basically, beyond asking you to do work to support my plugin, is there something that I could do (code wise/in the .xml files, json file, etc) for my Google Latitude plugin that will ensure I’m not tripping your plugins up and causing problems for other users?

If you can create a Trigger in a Scene for your plugin … than the PL plugins should work as well!

It should work with your new Google Latitude plugin. The problem you had earlier was because you had a trigger to a device with a XXXX device identifier … but it could not find the trigger definition in the corresponding D_XXXX.json file. (Because of your renaming the device identifier on a device that already had a trigger to a device identifier that did not support that trigger).

I believe the combination plugin needs some special code written for new plugin types.