Plugin Development Dead?

First of all, I have significant respect for anyone who takes the time to make their plugin publicly accessible let alone put all of the work that cybrmage has into making all of his plugins so exhaustive and functional. His contributions to the Vera community are significant and stunningly knowledgable. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been reading one of his posts baffled at how he knows everything that he does and the fact that he has been willing to share this knowledge with us through his work is enough to owe the guy a great debt of gratitude.

With that being said, for the sake of anyone considering Vera and of course those already using, I’m wondering if development/support for this plugin is officially dead?

Understandably, developing and supporting a plugin could potentially eat up the entirety of ones resources and at the bargain price of “free”… I couldn’t possibly expect any level of support. However it would be great to get some what of an official word on whether or not continued support/development is planned so that in which case there isn’t continued interest we could potentially find a candidate to fill that void.

There are undoubtedly many capable minds in the community (although very few at the caliber of cybrmage) that could potentially help ensure this plugin has a strong future and hopefully even some updates to squash any bugs. I don’t think anyone would consider stepping on another developers toes so perhaps if we had some type of idea of whether or not there is a void to be filled we could at least begin to seek out someone to fill it if necessary.

Again, I want to reaffirm how grateful I and I’m sure many others are for the amount of time and effort that has went into this plugin. It’s only because of how appreciative I am of this that I’d love to ensure that all the effort doesn’t go to waste due to dormancy. :slight_smile:

Plugin development is NOT dead or discontinued.

But, I consider the plugin to be feature complete. It does more than any other alarm panel interface

And, to reduce my stress level, I am strictly following a new policy.

  1. As anyone who READS the threads for any of my plugins knows, LOGS are necessary to be able to debug an issue… If someone reports a potential issue and does not include logs, I am no longer going to worry about the issue or try to chase down a user for logs or chase down a phantom issue. It is user error until proven otherwise. I use the plugin just like anyone else… If there is an issue caused by an EVL or Vera firmware update (which has not happened in the past year), I will know before anyone else and fix it.

  2. Any questions that are EASILY answered by reading the documentation is not acknowledged.

  3. Any questions that are answered in a previous post in the same thread (usually only a little while previously) are not acknowledged.

Thanks for the official word cybrmage!

Your policy makes sense and I don’t think anyone could blame you for taking such a stance. Going to spend some time reconsidering some of my previous questions based upon your policy and see if I can do a better job supplying the information you need.

Again, thank you very much for the incredible effort you’ve put into this plugin! I’ve learned so much just from exploring the code you’ve created! Really glad you are still hanging around!

i realize you say you use this on your system but dont mention what your system is a vista panel or a dsc panel is it hard wired or wireless i see on here that a lot of people with the vista 20 panel (ady safe watch pro) get smoke detector trips and several other zones trip when for example a door is opened i get this once in awhile as an alert but my fire alarm never goes out if i check my keypad i have no faults for those zones if i go to the eye on web site i have none of those alerts registered so in my opinion it has to be the plug in i love it but this make it for me unbelievable ive had to remove some lump code messages because for example i have a schene for driveway detector link to a door sensor to tell me some one is in the drive way another to tell me someone open barn door but they both go off when the drive way detector is trip although the keypad only shows drive way sensor opened one last thing that drives me nuts is when i open a door i get the notification which is great but if i leave the door open it just keeps sending me notices every couple of minutes till i close it thanks roger

Hello cybrmage,

I have recently started using the very useful EVL3/EVL4 plug-in and would like to make a contribution to you for your work and support to date. Is there a PayPal account or other way I can further express my appreciation?

Thank you!

It looks like the posts have been updated to say that the plugin has been withdrawn from distribution. Does anyone know what happened? I?ve been using this plugin without any issues for a few years now and just noticed that it?s gone from the App Store when I went to reset my Vera and start from scratch (for reasons unrelated to the plugin).

If I was you I’d download a backup, then download the APP files before you reset Vera.

This is a sad day. What a great plugin. It must have been something bad to pull it completely.

Is there a way to know what all files are associated with the plugin?

I did this today, I had no idea he’d dropped the plugin support until today. I should be able to piece it back together if ever needed. I reset defaults is how I found out!

I did take a backup before I upgraded to UI7 but I had a bunch of problems so I decided (using tech support Vera’s advice) to start from scratch. I still have my old backups with the Envisalink Ademco Vista plugin files. Just don’t how to re-create them or use them. Any help would be appreciated!

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Dangit, I just start getting interested in having my Vista 20P alarm panel interoperate with Vera, only to find out that plug-in is being dropped??

Dangit! How many more valuable plug-ins are going to get the axe before long-time Vera customers (like me) even get around to trying them out??

Srsly, MiOS, you guys need to step in and save some of these great apps before they go extinct! At least grant them “native” status by licensing them from the original author.

I know how to get it to work and I have all the files, but I don’t know how the creator would feel about me posting the info. There is no support for it at all. I did a reload from scratch and it works just as good as it ever did. Just a couple of manual things you have to do after loading the files. Took less than 10 minutes.

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I guess @cybrmage is following this thread and if He disagree, He will tell you.
I am sure that some forum member bought a Vista Panel because of this plugin and now the panel is in a box like mine.

I’m that forum member. I have a Vera and Vista 20p and bought an EVL-4 because I was under the impression that it was supported.

Now after I’ve installed the EVL-4 and got it working, I come to find out the only option to make it work easily is with this plugin. I wouldn’t care if the plugin was no longer supported but the fact it has been removed entirely really sucks.

I’ve already had to do custom Lua development to get my Vera controller working with my Tesla Powerwall 2 and was not looking forward to spending endless hours on further development getting it to work with something advertised as already supported.

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