[Plugin]DarkSky Weather

This plugin is a replacement of the no longer supported Wunderground based plugins. It uses the DarkSky.net API. Originally just to run on openLuup, but with version 0.7 it is available for Vera UI7 as well.

The plugin can be found on the Vera/MiOS App market, and on the ALTUI App Store.

Instructions, release notes etc. can be found in the Wiki.

If you run into issues or questions, please leave a post here.

Many thanks to @LV999 for the initial development and the ok for developing this further.

Cheers René


Bravo - instructions were spot on. Now I need to update my PLEG logic looking at the DarkSky data rather than the WU data. I could not find a place to contribute for your efforts (hint).

hi, I use Reactor for the logic, good solution and very good support!

I have invested a lot of time setting up the logic in PLEG over the years. Unless PLEG stops working, I’ll continue to use it.

To fix my logic, I only had to update the device properties from looking at the WU device to looking at the Darksky device. Rainy morning and my PLEG logic correctly saw this and delayed turning off the exterior lights by 30 minutes after sunrise.

I understand your point of view but reading some other posts I’m not sure pleg is still maintained by his creator.

I hear Richard has been busy but PLEG is still working.

This is a hobby, so no need for compensation. However, feel free to make a donation to your favorite charity. If you need a hint (:wink:): Doctors without Borders.

Cheers Rene


Nice work @reneboer this plugin works great and is much more accurate than open-weather was for my location! Thank you. :sunglasses:

Hi Chris66,

Yes 0.7 is in the app store. There is a 0.8 pending (probably available the 22nd), but the only change is some of the labels for the triggers. No functional differences.

Cheers Rene

BTW, enhancement suggestions are welcome. I was thinking having the option to add more child devices that show things like pressure, UV index, etc. Also an optional rain alarm child device based on the precipitation Intensity and Probability.

Cheers Rene


Those extra items of data would be great. :slight_smile:

Hi dJos,

The data items are in the list of Variables already. I mean the option to have separate child devices for them just as the Temperature and Humidity are now created by default. But, then make them all optional by a yes/no selection in the Settings tab.

Cheers Rene

Roger that, it would be nice to have those as child devices.

I installed this yesterday, but seems like forecast text doesn’t fit in fields. Tomorrow forecast is written over coming week forecast.

I haven’t tried this out really yet, but can i get for example Reactor to send me a notification if there is a thunder forecast for tomorrow?

Hi, I’m having a problem with the child devices - they are showing as blank. I’ve reinstalled about three times but still no joy on getting the temp/humidity values to show up. Any help would be appreciated

Hi Andr,
The text from the forecast can be quite long indeed, probably too long to even fit on screen, but I can look at this for a next release.

For any automation DarkSky advises to use the icon, however it currently does not seem to have one for thunderstorm yet. So at the moment it is not possible, but you may look at the WindSpeed or WindGust values to have some indication. At this moment those values are not in the forcast, but I can include them in the next release.

Cheers Rene

Hi Conlindaleha,

Welcome to the community. Are the values in the main device updated? Can you look at the Latitude and Longitude variables and let me know their values? You can send them in a PM if you do not want to post them in the forum.

Cheers Rene


Thank you for this!
I have replaced the WU plugin on my VP running 1.7.4453 , and it installed and runs with no issues. In a future release, would it be possible to display additional parameters on the top level screen? Currently wind and barometric pressure are displayed—in my case, I would trade pressure for wind speed/direction.

Hi @HSD99,

I added it to the to-do list for the next release.

Cheers Rene

Hi Chris,
Yes this is a known problem with plugin devices. The Andriod and iOS apps will not display them.

I can make it to work in combination with openLuup using the add-in I created for that https://github.com/reneboer/openLuup-ImperiHome.

Also added to the to-do list :smiley:

Cheers Rene

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