[Plugin] Adapted Virtual Switches - Alarm, Phone, Motion, Door/Window Sensor

[size=12pt]OCD ALERT - Unnecessary Extra Virtual Switches - Just because![/size]
I adapted the VSwitch plugin to suit my needs and wanted to make it available to all. I developed these to keep track of my X10 devices. But they can obviously be used for anything.

CREDITS: chixxi - it was his work I modified - reuse approval granted
RexBeckett, RTS and Brientim for guiding me passed all my mistakes.

CAVEAT: You must install the VSwitch Plugin. This is simply because I see no good reason in me duplicating the I_ and S_ file for the sake of it. Link:
[url=http://apps.mios.com/plugin.php?id=1408]MiOS Apps

vPhone Location
This app shows a visual on the location of a phone… Simply Away/Home
in MIOS marketplace - awaiting approval?

vDoor/Window Sensor

vMotion Sensor

vAlarm Sensor

How I use these
I have my x10 Server send http commands to keep vera updated. I also have scenes in Vera querying some of these devices… It simply means I can react and control things from one set up/interface.

E.g - X10 Server sends this " [i][/i] " and the Vera interface is updated. But when my x10 device resets, it sends the off signal.

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Since the files have not been posts, did you seek permission by chixxi to re-use his code?

  • Garrett

[quote=“garrettwp, post:2, topic:179436”]konradwalsh,

Since the files have not been posts, did you seek permission by chixxi to re-use his code?

  • Garrett[/quote]

Yes I did… thanks

Hi @konradwalsh

I like your idea to personalise the Virtual Switch , I was trying to think of any others you could do…

One that quickly sprung to mind was to have one for Heating, which shows if it’s On or Off, with the buttons being Heating On & Heating Off.(There can be a couple of ways for a heating/HVAC device to show if heating is on or off)

Sadly I have no room at the moment to install it to play with, but I wanted to ask if you’ve designed it to be a dynamic v switch? By that I mean you could set a variable so it could take on the form of any type of customised virtual switch (e.g iPhone, heating etc.)

I am obviously a retard. I have installed the Virtual Switch plugin (MiOS Apps) and the new Virtual Phone Locaton Visual plugin (MiOS Apps).

However, the created device do not show anything? Should I configure it somehow?

Oh… its finally been published after two months!!! I had given up!

After you installed both plugins… do you a phone plug in on your devices list?

No, just an empty device.

Hi @konradwalsh,

I’ve been looking for a way to create virtual motion detectors (or virtual switches that appear as a motion detector) and I like your idea here. I saw the virtual phone plugin is available in the app marketplace but is your vMotion Sensor plugin available yet? Just wondering if it’s still in the works since I’d be very interested in testing that out.



I didn’t release the others as it took MCV two months to approve the first one… and I lost interest then… :frowning:
I will post the files here for you when I get home…

Yeah that’s understandable, I don’t blame you. Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll look out for those files.

Same here. No instructions. This plugin should get removed from the store or proper instructions posted.


Which plugins are you trying to install, just the virtual switch or the virtual phone location also?


[quote=“MLabuda, post:12, topic:179436”]Pseudomizer,

Which plugins are you trying to install, just the virtual switch or the virtual phone location also?


I installed both as previously stated by other people I have a device which is blank and no options to set.

From what I’ve gathered, this plugin was a work in progress a couple months ago despite being published to the app store. Unfortunately there hasn’t been any response from the developer konradwalsh on this thread for a while, but maybe he’ll see your post and be able to provide some info on it.

For what it’s worth I see the same thing if I install it.

Any update on this? konradwalsh?

Sorry, I lost interest in this after the messing I had with MCV and marketplace…

I will attempt later to just post the files here and let you guys do what you want with them…

I have not unplublished the plugin from the marketplace