PLEG: stop a fan when humidity < 70% or at certain time?

Can’t find how to dot this. I have an action which starts a fan when humidity is > 85% and between 7 and 20. Is working fine.
Does that also mean that the fan is stopped after 20.00 when it running at 20?

If not, I want to make this action:
Stop the fan if humidity < 75% or “at 20:01:00”
And also only do this if the fan is running at 20:01:00, else it is not necessary to stop of course.

But I don’t know how to configure the condition to stop the action at 20:01:00.
If I read the PLEG basics I could use a schedule, but that only starts it every day at 20:01:00 and as described it will always be true.
But maybe the time can be set directly in the condition.

This is what I have so far:
(device properties)
Humidity_Bathroom Embedded Humidity S CurrentLevel

Name Repeat Expression
Fan_humidity_high No (Humidity_Bathroom > 84) and (07:00:00;Now;20:00:00)
Fan_humidity_low No (Humidity_Bathroom < 75) #no timing here, just want to stop is 24h/day

High fan3 SetTarget newTargetValue=1
Low fan3 SetTarget newTargetValue=0

I would recommend using an input schedule:

FanSchedule - On EveryDay at 7:00:00 and Off EveryDay at 20:00:00

Fan_humidity_high (Humidity_Bathroom > 84) and FanSchedule
Fan_humidity_low (Humidy_Bathroom < 75) or (NOT FanSchedule)

Thanks. Will try that!

You can use the:
“Do it now” in the Input schedules to manually toggle the Schedule input for testing … and to initially set the value. After that the schedule will toggle at the specified times.

Thanks again.

Just to be sure: there will never be an action be started when the humidity is between 75 and 84 right?

Correct … it will only start when BOTH conditions (Humidity and Time of day) are MET.
It will stop on LOW Humidity OR Time of day.

Ok, it started this morning, but as it is raining over here and the humidity is very high, I want to add this:

start the fan as we did already, but let it stop when it running for 30 min.

But my concern is that when the humidity after min is still > 85%. So it will start again after 30 min. How to do that?
I read something about it in your manual, but (must be me) I don’t know exactly how to do it.

FanSchedule - On EveryDay at 7:00:00 and Off EveryDay at 20:00:00
FanCycleSchedule - On - Self Trigger - Off Interval 30 Minutes

Fan_humidity_high (Humidity_Bathroom > 84) and FanSchedule and (!FanCycleSchedule)
Fan_humidity_low (Humidy_Bathroom < 75) or (!FanSchedule) or (Fan_humidity_high;!FanCycleSchedule)

- Turn on Fan
- Using Advance Tab, ADD PLEG device, StartTimer action, Timer Name is FanCycleSchedule
- Turn off Fan

Thank you.

But… will this start the fan only once a day? Or by cycles of 30 minutes?
Understand what I need? In the morning and in the evening showers are taken, so it must start in the evening again.