PLEG solution for this light?

I have a bedroom with a motion (occupancy sensor) and Fibaro dimmer using pushbutton switch. I’m using Richards PLEG setup “Basic Light, Motion Sensor, Night Time Example” for this light.

If you are in bed sleeping, and move, this trips the motion and on go the lights. So what would be a solution to keep the lights off during sleeping times? The thing is this is a guest bedroom. There is no set times someone may go to bed. Different people, different times. Any ideas how to best deal with this? I actually have 3 bedrooms I need to do this on.

The motion sensors are actually connected to my ELK panel and are devices via the ELK plugin for what that info is worth.

I was thinking about a push button sequence that would put the motion to sleep for say until it is “Day”. But one issue with Richards light scheme is that the pushbutton doesn’t seem to do anything (AutoOnLight1) because the motion is in tripped mode during the 15 second timeout.

Any ideas???

Would the door be shut when the room is occupied?
Could the door have a door sensor fitted?

…then try the ‘Wasp in a Box’ algorithm discussed on this thread…


Door sensor is not really an option. I would hope it can be done via PLEG and parameter settings in the Fibaro. I have s2 unused on the Fibaro, but I don’t know if it is usable for this purpose.