PLEG seems instable on VeraPlus UI7

Hi all,

The last days, my PLEG devices started to behave in a way I don’t like. Some examples:

[ul][li]I have a condition that restarts LUUP when memory becomes low. Worked for months. But all of a sudden, it started triggering all the time, creating luup restarts in an infinite loop. I had to disable it because VERA was almost dead because of this.[/li]
[li]I have an action to open my shutters when both triggers are true (stop type interval): after a certain time an after sunset (shutters should not open before dark or at 5 am in the morning when the sun rises early). Worked perfectly for months. Then the sunrise trigger stopped working. I created a new similar trigger, worked for 2 days, dead again. Or sometimes it only fires once instead of every 5 minutes. Shutters do not go up in the morning, report shows trigger is simply not firing.[/li]
[li]And other similar events. Things that worked for weeks / months and now stop working[/li][/ul]

Any ideas / experiences?

You need to look at your Vera Log file to find why the triggers are happening all the time …
Thats the source of your problem.

I had to uninstall PLEG and reinstall it this week. When switched to Away or Night mode, it would switch back to Home without notice, by calling a scene I had setup to do so, and open up a lock and turn on a light. Even once I deleted the conditions, input, action and that scene, it still did so. However the reinstall did fix it (so far).

Hi Richard,

I think / hope I start to understand thing. I migrated from a Vera Edge, this is why some restart Vera / luup cycles were in place:

[ul][li]the luup restart on memory low: I suppose Vera had a memory issue. I disabled the automatic LUUP restart, Vera Plus dos not seem to mind[/li]
[li]I automatically restart the Vera during the night. Also a historical result of low memory Edge. I restarted at 6 in the morning (as close as possible to my son waking up, so Vera Edge was ready to do its thing at the right time). But. Sunrise last days was approximately at the same time. So triggers were probably not working because of this restart. Vera Plus lasts longer without restart, so now I restart at 5 am to avoid this. Will check the next days if it helps.[/li][/ul]

Vera needs a lot of tweaking, and sometimes tweaks sabotage things…
Enabling too much logging (verbose etc.) is not an option, this is the best way to make my Vera unstable…