PLEG Schedules

I would like to setup PLEG to control a Leviton VRR15-1LZ receptacle based on a schedule. I would like to use this receptacle to connect my truck’s block heater because it gets cold here! I would like to use a schedule to save energy, I understand that I could set it up like this:

Weekday = Schedule: M-F 2am to 8am
Weekend = Schedule: S+S 6am to 12pm

PlugOn = Weekday or Weekend
PlugOff = Not PlugOn

PlugOn = Turn on VRR15
PlugOff = Turn off VRR15

I’ve read that if Vera restarts at 2am (on weekdays) or 6am (on weekends) that my schedule will not be triggered (This is due to the Vera itself and not an issue with PLEG) and this would mean that my block heater wouldn’t be powered up. Is there a recommended way that I could write logic to work around the rare case that I do experience a restart? I’ve read I could try and use NOW but that isn’t recommended. Could I do something like this:

Weekday1 = Schedule: M-F 2:00am to 8:00am
Weekday2 = Schedule: M-F 2:01am to 8:01am
Weekday3 = Schedule: M-F 2:02am to 8:02am
Weekend1 = Schedule: S+S 6:00am to 12:00pm
Weekend2 = Schedule: S+S 6:01am to 12:01pm
Weekend3 = Schedule: S+S 6:02am to 12:02pm

PlugOn = Weekday1 or Weekday2 or Weekday3 or Weekend1 or Weekend2 or Weekend3
PlugOff = Not PlugOn