PLEG, Override status

I have the following conditions:


  • ArmedStay or AlarmReady


  • ArmedInstant or ArmedNightStay or ArmedAway or ArmedMaximum

What I would like to do is modify this slightly so that the termostat turns on at 6AM if ArmedNightStay is active. Basically:


  • ArmedStay or AlarmReady or (Timer6AM and ArmedNightStay)


  • ArmedInstant or (ArmedNightStay and not Timer6AM) or ArmedAway or ArmedMaximum

But unsure exactly how to do this…

Create an input timer called Timer6AM
It turns on at 6:00 AM every day.
It can turn off a few minutes later (off type is interval).

OK, makes sense… but then say at 6:05, the old condition will be true, so won’t it reert back to EnergySavingMode?

SetThermostatEnergySaving ArmedInstant or (ArmedNightStay && (Timer6AMl;ArmedNightStay) or ArmedAway or ArmedMaximum

SetThermostatNormal ArmedStay or AlarmReady or (ArmedNightStay && (ArmedNightStay;Timer6AM))

Oh, that’s right… need to go back to the PLEG basics and read up on the ordering…

thanks Richard… wasn’t looking for you to code it for me, but thanks so much!