PLEG not detecting Qubino button press

When adding a Qubino device to Vera 3 three child devices get created; e1, e2 e3 where the last two are virtual devices. My primary wall button is connected to e1, my secondary wall button (monostable) to e2. I would like e2 to to turn on/off another Z-wave device. However, the e2 child device does not respond to a button press, not in the GUI, nor in PLEG. But Vera do instantly see the button press and announce it as a security alert in the Vera web GUI (top row).

I found out that I can get PLEG to detect the button press by monitoring the device property “Tripped” of the main Qubino device. But PLEG won’t detect the change if I press the button too briefly. I have to hold the button for a few seconds before PLEG see the property value change and performs the action.

Is this a known behaviour in PLEG that Triggers are more quickly processed than Device properties?

I will have to review the code … it may be a design bug.

I currently Queue the input when the trigger Variable is changed. But I do not look at the value at that time.

I actually get the value when I pull the event out of the queue for processing.
If the Variable is reset by this time (a few ms) than I will not see the change.

Thanks, Richard. It would be very nice to find a solution to this.

Any more thoughts on this, Richard?