PLEG Next Gen - How to run a scene as an action?

I’ve seen some reference to clicking an advanced tab under a device and maybe i’m too dense but i’m just not seeing how to do this…

how do i run a scene (e.g. ID 32) as an action in PLEG?

Select the PLEG device to use for the action. Then select the RunScene action.

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i don’t understand… i assume that you mean under the logic actions tab where i edit one of the new actions that correspond to one of my conditions. in there i initially dont have any devices under “device action table for selected interval”. But even if i do add one, i see no action called runscene for that device.

i must be looking in the wrong place…

In the actions tab … you 1st select a device … If you want to turn on a light … you select the LIGHT device.

In this case you select the PLEG device … It has lots of useful commands … One of which is to run a scene.
You must be in advanced mode …

oh the very PLEG device that i’m editing is a device in the list! I knew that I wasn’t seeing something obvious… thanks that worked perfectly. I don’t know what i’d do without you and your tools :slight_smile: