PLEG - Motion tripped twice in x minutes

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can help me code this scenario.
I have an Aeon Multi Sensor and like many I get false positives. This happens maybe once or twice in a 24hr period but inevitably its like 3 in the morning and it wants to set the alarm off :confused:

So…What I would like to do is have a PLEG condition trigger as true if the Motion Sensor is tripped twice within 2 minutes.
I can then use this condition in my other conditions to trip alarm.
But I seem to have a mental block and cant get my head round how to do it.


You want a Multiple Trigger expression. Something like:

RealTrip Motion @ 2 < 2:00

Have you seen PLEG Basics?

I have skimmed through it previously and completely forgot to check there.
Thank you for your help it was exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

Ill be sure to check the document in future

Much appreciated!