PLEG motion detection two measurements with interval before performing action


I just found out about PLEG and I love it, but I’m still having difficulty with more indepth (indepth for me that is) scenario’s.

I have a fibaro motion sensor and I want to use if wheter a room is occupied or not. However I don’t want it to say a room is occupied by the first time it measures movement. People often forget their stuff and enter to room only to leave 30seconds later.

I’m looking for a way to use PLEG to let my motion sensor perform 2 mesuaresments, 60 seconds apart from each other and if both time movement is detected, and only then, something should happen.

Can someone help me with realizing the double measurement functionality I’m trying to build.
Currently I’m using a virtual switch that switches on with movement (switch on means room is occupied in this scenario)

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Please let me know if I’m not clear enough

Why not just mark the room as empty after 60 seconds of no motion.

How do you plan to differentiate between a person entering the room for one quick thing vs one who comes on and sits down for a couple of minutes with not apparent activity ?

Hello, thank you for your reply.

How would I ‘mark’ a room as empty after 60 seconds of no motion? I would need multiple measurements for that as well right?

The rooms I’m talking about are classrooms, so as soon as there’s someone in there, there will be plenty of movement (students and teachers walking around) , that’s how I think to differentiate between an actually occupied classroom as opposed to a student picking up his bag that he forgot.

Input Timer:
Activity On: Self Retrigger Off after 60 Seconds
Input Triggers:
Motion1 … MotionN

AnyMotion Motion1 or Motion2 or … MotionN
Empty !Motion and (Motion; !Activity)

AnyMotion Use the PLEG device to start timer “Activity”
Empty what ever actions you want when the classroom is empty.

+1 - did not know I could control PLEG devices within PLEG.