Pleg Logic


I have a multiswitch that has four buttons depicting the presence state of mobile devices in my house. I am able to pull the multiswitch device properties fine and can run the following condition:

PresenceHF OR PresenceHR OR PresenceRF OR PresenceRR == 1

This allows me to run an action when any of the mobile devices are present.

I’m trying to do something similar for when no devices are present and am struggling with the logic. I would like it so that when the PresenceXX property is 0 for all the properties listed above the condition returns as true and then I can run a different action.

I have tried PresenceHF AND PresenceHR AND PresenceRF AND PresenceRR == 0 and also PresenceHF + PresenceHR + PresenceRF + PresenceRR == 0 amongst a number of things but I am struggling. Any advice greatly appreciated!

it should be:

PresenceHF == 0 AND PresenceHR == 0 AND PresenceRF == 0 AND PresenceRR == 0

You can have three meaningful conditions for different states:

ANY UserA or UserB or UserC or UserD
ALL. UserA and UserB and UserC and UserD

Great, thanks both. Got this working now.