PLEG Logic Help

I have my bathroom lights to turn on when motion is detected, then turn off 10 minutes after the motion has not been detected unless the fan is on (in which case the shower is probably on so no motion). However, the light still turns off when the fan is on. Any ideas?

cMBOn - mHome and !tMBVanityLights and tItsAlmostNight and tMastBathMotion
cAutoMB - (cMBOn; tMBVanityLights < 6:00) or tMastBathFan
cMBOff - (!tMastBathMotion and (cAutoMB and (cAutoMB; NOW > 4:00))) and !tMastBathFan

Please post a status report. It is very useful in helping determine what may or may not be happening.

Here is the status report. Never downloaded one before, so I’m not entirely sure if this what you need, but I think so.

I’m not sure it’s the root of your problem, but it looks like you’ve lost the device definition for the fan in your device actions cFanOn and cFanOff. In both cases the rather than a proper device name the report shows “undefined[137]”. You may need to reselect the device in the action.