PLEG Inputs/Conditions Cap?


Is there any realistic cap on the number of Inputs and/or Conditions that should be set in a PLEG before one should consider splitting it into two PLEG instances?

Normally the Vera that controls all the ZWave devices runs at about 3-to-5% but has a considerable spike in CPU usage (above 60%) for the first 60 seconds or so after Vera starts and again every few (5?) minutes to 30-40% or so. When this occurs Vera is very sluggish and lights can take a long time to respond to sensors for example.

A look at the logs shows a number of PLEG conditions being evaluated in these windows so I’m wondering it it makes sense to move some of the Inputs and Conditions to another instance of PLEG?


I find myself with a Common PLEG that collected a lot individual situations. I counted today and found 63 Triggers and 88 Conditions.

Is there a clean way to split this into two PLEGs saving all the Trigger/Device/Schedule assignments and Conditions/Actions.

Further to this, I am unable to BACKUP the PLEG in question, “Command Failed.” I searched for this forum and found some information but none of the proposed solutions seemed to help. i deleted the COMMENTS and restarted and it still fails.

I know others may disagree, but after I split my large ~120 condition PLEG into nine separate PLEGs, the system became much more responsive and much more stable.

Deadlocks can occur when the same PLEG has multiple z-wave actions queued - usually at 3 queued actions the system will restart. That is very feasible in a whole home automation scenario, when lights may be turning on/off in different parts of the house at the same time. I have all the same PLEG actions now - actually more, but as they are split into small PLEGs, the run faster and don’t deadlock/restart Vera.

As far as how to split - I just saved the super PLEG’s status report to PDF, and did a lot of copying and pasting. Even that is problematic, as some characters like “-” don’t get copied right. You have to validate the expressions get understood by PLEG…

I had similar results as wilme2. Although I split up a PLEG with 30 conditions and 20+ inputs into 4 separate PLEGs. Much speedier.

I never counted all mine, but I have 4 PLEG’s and I split them up by Home/Away settings, Notification Settings, Automation Tasks, and a Misc.

After my earlier split I currently have seven PLEGs defined and my system is much more responsive than before. I think “wilme2” proposition of potential deadlocks makes sense. I see far fewer cases of long delays for lights on in response to motion, doors, etc., the most obvious conditions.

Strangely I still cannot do a backup of one of the seven. Six of them work fine but one refuses with “Command Failed.” I’ve been thought it but there doesn’t appear to be any obvious reason why it would refuse to backup