PLEG Import/Export Option - A quick way to share situations/setups

Hi All

I’m just floating an idea out there (assuming it’s not already) and that’s for PLEG to have the ability to import ‘situations’.

Let’s say someone has created a burglar alarm set up, or a heating schedule that they want to share with others, allowing the conditions etc. to be seamlessly imported into theirs (either via a file or maybe just copy and paste of simple text/code which PLEG would then convert).

There are already great posts on how to configure PLEG, would it be possible to create a catalogue of ‘situations’ that people could import/leverage almost instantly.

*** when it comes to the device IDs, either these could be added manually as part of the file/script import or instructions can be given to just of to the Action scene and do xyz.

One benefit of this would be (as I have seen many of these from Richard/Rex) is that people can just share the configuration and say import or paste this script/code into this area of the plugin, hit reload. Once done you’ll have a new set up for xxxxxxxx

Not a bad idea, especially as there are so many beginners for example asking of how to turn a light on when a motion sensor is triggered. I would be very easy for them to just import a setting rather than having to copy everything of the posts I think. I am not sure though if the device number editing would make it difficult again, I think that would be the major obstacle. Especially as the people who would most benefit most likely are the beginners and they could struggle to edit device numbers/actions unless you can make it easy.

You can input … Than delete all of the inputs … Then re-create them. But then there is the learning experience on what need to be created … And how to do it.

Since I added the comments . I think the best way to share is with the output from the report command from a well commented device.

I know what you’re saying about the learning experience, but PLEG has such huge potential, that making it even easier to share would actually encourage people to learn more, if only to tweak things initially.

I’ve tried to get a fellow Vera user to invest in PLEG but he feels it’s too complex. So If there was a way he could just paste a script into a new area or even pick from a catalogue of predefined ‘PLEG Situations’ - that would be cool.

Some Catalogue/Scipt ideas

Burglar Alarm
Night Motion Lights
Heating Timer

PLEG is powerful enough to do so many things, the above would give new users of PLEG an instant return…

Maybe the above could be positioned in a future release as ‘built in situation’, with pick lists for people to choose the devices involved, and/or select the times of day required.