PLEG: How to solve a problem due Power cuts in relation with schedules

PLEG: How to solve a problem due Power cuts
Situation: Vera connected on UPS Only

  1. Example lamp On scheduled van 10 min after sun set, Off 22:00 hour absolute.
    Problem case: power cut before sunset, power returns for example 30 min after the trigger point of 10 min after sunset, in this case lamps not start burning.
  2. Example: sprinkler on 19:00 off 19:20, power cut 18:40, power return 19:15, no trigger point not sprinkling
  3. Example sprinkler On 19:00 off 19:20 power cut 18:59, power returns 19:05, no trigger not sprinkling
    I like to check every 5 or 10 minutes the status of the schedule, so that after a power cut, the PLEG program resumes, as by scheduling and/or conditions
    Please advise me about the correct programming of PLEG
    Thank in advance

PLEG suffers the same as LUA when using ABSOLUTE schedules.
If Vera is not running during the ABSOLUTE time (Sunrise/sunset are variants of an absolute schedule) it will not handle things until the NEXT absolute schedule event.
I have asked MCV for a minor update to their code to make it easy to solve this problem. But they have bigger problems then to add a small change for me.

PLEG does operate correctly with Interval times where LUA/Scenes fall over (PLEG and Countdown timer both handle this case).

If you have ABSOLUTE ON and INTERVAL OFF … PLEG might not handle the ON, but if the device was turned on … and powered OFF in that state … it will turn OFF immediately if it was previosly supposed to be off, or go off at the correct time in the future.

With a little more work I could handle the ABSOLUTE times better … I may do that if I ever move up to UI7.

Thank you Richard,

For your information, the Vera Edge always running as the box is placed behind the UPS
using the lasted firmware UI7 version: 1.7.1320.

For now you advise me:interval/countdown time to solve this?

Or you can use two schedules separated in time by a longer interval than you expect your down time to be …
Then have automation logic (Maybe use PLEG) to see if the second schedule was too long after the first, must have missed the first …

Thanks for your advice, I’ll try your suggested solution and keep you posted