PLEG Help - Event fires when it shouldn't

It has been a long time since I made any modifications to my system so I am a bit rusty on using PLEG. I want a light to be turned on in the living room if the following conditions are met:

  1. If the time is after 6:45 am and before 7:30am (S_AMLRLight) AND
  2. It is dark outside (T_Night) or overcast outside (T_Overcast) AND
  3. The master bedroom light is turned off (T_MBRLightOff)

Please see the attached PDF Logic Report

Currently, what happens is if the bedroom light is off at 6:45am, the LRLight will turn on. I only want the LR light to turn on if the state of the MBRLight changes from on to off and the other conditions are met.

If MBRLight is on, the LRLight will not turn on at 6:45am but it will turn on when the MBRLight is turned off between 6:45am and 7:30am. So it partially works.
UI7 (PLEG)[167].pdf (125.6 KB)

Thanks in advance,

Try posting a status report instead of logic report to see when the triggers and conditions were last true. I am not seeing any obvious problems, and I suspect 1 issue.

At 6:45 am, the trigger T_MBRLightOff is true if the light is off. Sometimes, you have to trigger an opposite. If you have a trigger MBRLightOn and set the condition to be:
S_AMLRLight AND (T_Night OR T_Overcast) AND !T_MBRLightOn, then if the light is off, the opposite of the light being on is true. I am not sure that is the issue but I do know triggers work that way. Once a trigger fires, it stays that way until it changes. So if the light is off, the trigger stays true.

Another option is to use a property: P_MBRLightOff and set the condition to:
S_AMLRLight AND (T_Night OR T_Overcast) AND P_MBRLightOff

I hope that helps.

Hi phillid2,

Thank you for the suggestions. I will give them a try. If they don’t work, I will upload a status report but I will need to make sure the MBLight is off prior to 6:45am so the status is properly reported when the event happens. Usually during the week when I have to go to work, the MBRLight is on at 6:45am.


Hi phillid2,
I tried your suggestion above by adding the AND !T_MBRLightOn and it kept the light from turning on at 6AM when the MBRLight was off but when I turned on the MBRLight at 7:00am, the LRLight did not come on when the MBRLight was turned off at 7:05am
I am going to try your second suggestion of using the property and see how that goes.

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